Sino East Steel group is a leading manufacturer that specializes in manufacturing high-quality steel products. Being a leading steel manufacturer in the industry, Sino East Steel is also specialized in producing steel square bars to domestic and international markets.  Steel square bar is also known as the square steel. It is considered as one of the demanding steel product in the global steel market. Square bar is well known to process and manufacture through steel ingots and steel billets by press working according to variety of shapes, sizes and performances. Steel square bar is a solid steel bar manufactured with right angle edge and radius corners as widespread multipurpose to all structural applications by using related manufacturing technology , fabrication and repair. Steel square bar can be divided in to two types as hot rolled and cold rolled processing with good weldability, excellent formability, mechanism and easy-cutting. Generally hot rolled square steel meets to the size of edge from 5mm to 250mm while the cold rolled steel square bar’s side length is from 3mm to 100mm. The density of square bar steel is around 7.851g / cm3. Sino East Steel may supplies the square bar steel matching to ASTM standard such as A018, A36 and so on. In addition, the company also carry similar to 1018 cold rolled square bar such as 303 stainless steel square bar, 304 stainless square bar steel, etc. The square bar steel could be fabricated and produced in variety of sizes and related specification for surface treatment, so when the oversea buyers inquire and purchase steel bars products, be sure to specify what size such as side length, steel bar’s length according to buyers’ companies’ demands. Sino East Steel supplies good quality steel products such as square bar, square tubes and so on. However, based on this to state the difference between square bar steel and steel square tubes. Actually, the square bar is that solid steel bar made of steel ingots through pressing, however the quite different square tube is hollow section with process of welding the pipe’s billets.


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