Tinplate is widely applied to many industries, in meantime main usage is related in food industry with its excellent food-safe grade. Certainly Sino East Steel, as the tinplate suppliers , promise you prime quality of tinplate products with a reasonable tinplate price.

First grade tinplate from China high quality tinplate factory Sino East Steel must match to the requirement as whole sheet of tinplate without the flaws such as Pinholes for thickness pierce through steel plate; affected pits, wrinkles and rust; deviation of exceeding standard thickness; defect in shape . Normally tinplate will sort into two important types such as:

  • Equal thickness tin plate
  • Differential thickness tin plate



Tinplate is broadly applied in food and beverage packaging such as grease cans, chemical cans and so on. The advantages and features of tinplate protect the fillers from its physical and chemical properties. Sino East Steel may suggest you proper usage of different tinplate below,

Plain interior (PIS)

Main usages will refer to Edible oils, Solvent based products and Oil paints. However, it is not suitable for Water based products, Olive oil and so on.

Lacquered interior (LIS)

This kind of Tinplate is accordance with the usage of Water based products, Water based paints, Olive oil, etc.

Plain exterior (POS)

Plain exterior of Tinplate products will widely be applied in dry environments where the risk of oxidation is low relatively.

Varnish exterior (VOS)

Clear and pure varnish exterior ensure to provides extra protection against oxidation of containers due to moisture.

White exterior (WOS)

At the first, more protection contrary to oxidization of the container because of moisture. The second, often applied on the most of printed cans such as white base coating for exterior of tinplate’s container.


20in×14in 112 pieces

28in×20in 56 pieces

30in×20in 49 pieces

1 base box = 31360in2 = 20.2324 m2


For resistance of rust, corrosion from acidic and alkaline substance filling into tinplate’s containers, tinplate products through its steel sheet electroplated with tin ensure to provide improved protection and appearance.

Meanwhile, the barrier of the containers to air and other volatile gases is very important for the preservation of nutrients and sensory quality, however tinplate ensure its advanced performance on sealing.