Sino East Steel manufacturers a wide range of welded steel products to meet various customer requirements. Welded steel pipes products are widely used in boilers, automobiles, ship building lightweight structural steel of the doors and windows, furniture, agricultural machinery, scaffolding, wire conduit, top shelves, containers, etc. All-purpose welded steel pipe used for compressor stations, power plants, refineries, natural gas transportation and steam, vapour transportation. In addition, It is also widely used in manufacturing structural and mechanical spare parts like oil drill pipe, automobile transmission shaft, bicycle frame and steel scaffolding used in construction.

Advantages of using welded steel pipes are as follows.

-Having high frequency features: good tube shape, uniform thickness, internal and external burrs produced by the welding tools, through proper online calibration, strict control of weld quality nondestructive testing, high degree of automation, low production costs.

-LSAW pipe features: welding under static conditions, high quality weld short welds, the probability of small defects.

-Spiral submerged arc welded pipe is characterized by: spiral weld distribution, long weld, especially in dynamic conditions, the welding, the opportunity to cool and leave the molding point, prone to welding hot cracks.

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