Sino East Steel group is a leading manufacturer that specializes in manufacturing high-quality steel products. Being a leading steel product manufacturer in China, Sino East Steel also specialized in manufacturing high quality Stainless Steel Pipe to the domestic and overseas markets. The surface of the pipes have been treated with brown paint and round in shape. This is a special pipe which belongs to API pipe category. Manufactured with A53,A106 materials which are non alloyed and non secondary. Pipes are manufactured with 0.6 – 12mm thickness, 19 – 273mm of outer diameter and have 6 meter,5.8meter fixed length. The wide range of stainless steel pipes manufactured by Sino East Steel can be given as follows.

1 1 4 schedule 40 stainless steel pipe – these pipes are mainly used as hydraulic pipes in the industry.

2 3 4 inch schedule 80 stainless steel pipe – mainly used as hydraulic pipes in the industry.

2 inch/4 inch schedule 40 stainless steel pipe – used as hydraulic pipes.

201/304/401 Schedule 80 stainless steel pipe – used as hydraulic pipes.

304 round stainless steel pipe with polish surface – mainly used as Hydraulic pipes in the industry.

304 stainless steel pipe – these pipes can resist sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, formic acid, urea and other corrosion. It is suitable for general water use, control of gas, wine, milk, CIP cleaning liquid and other corrosive small or non-contact materials occasions.

316/316l stainless steel pipe – used as hydraulic pipes in the industry.

321 stainless steel 0.1mm pipe – due to the addition of metal titanium in the pipe, it has better grain boundary corrosion resistance and high temperature strength. Its use ranges are such as Petroleum exhaust gas combustion pipelines, Telescopic joints, Muffler parts for diesel engines, Engine exhaust pipes, Spiral welded pipes for furnace pipes and dryers.

304/304l/316/316l stainless tube – used as hydraulic pipes.

Sino East Steel Enterprise Co., Ltd. as a leading China steel products manufacturer specialized in production of high quality steel series products and located in Tianjin;provide Galvanized Steel PipeStainless Steel PipeSeamless steel pipeSquare bar steel、 Steel Wire.