Sino East steel provides different types of steel flat bars to the global market. They are 304/316/316l Stainless Steel Flat Bar, 201 304 316 stainless steel flat bar and A36 steel flat bar.


-304/316/316l Stainless Steel Flat Bar

304/316/316l Stainless Steel grade Flat Bar is a hot rolled flat bar made with a thickness of 3*10mm-20*200mm, a width of 3*10mm-20*200mm and a length of 4-6m. This is manufactured with SS 304 316 316l materials. This can be used specially as mold steel and mostly used for construction purposes. This is manufactured according to ASTM standards. 316/316L Stainless Steel alloy is an Austenitic chrome nickel steel with superior corrosion resistance to that of other chrome nickel steels, which helps to improve resistance to more aggressive corrosive environments. 316/316L alloys provide better resistance to chloride-containing media, salt water and acidic chemical environments such as sulfuric acid compounds. 316/316L Stainless Steel has a high strength, toughness and workability steel properties of 304. Normally this type of steel is used in structural supports, braces and framework for tanks, enclosures, cabinets, housings and tanks in marine, saltwater, waste treatment and chemical applications as well as pulp and paper processing. It also considered that machinability for 316/316L is also good compared to others. 316/316L is readily welded using common welding techniques.


-201 304 316 stainless steel flat bar

This is manufactured according to GB standards and using SAE1045, 45#, 50#, 65Mn materials. This contains 15-200mm width, 2-50mm thickness and 1-12meters length. Type 304 is a general-purpose stainless steel with good resistance to atmospheric corrosion. It’s a non-magnetic steel which cannot be hardened by heat treatment, but instead, must be cold worked to obtain higher tensile strength. This maintains high strength, toughness and workability properties. These are often used for tanks, tools, food industry machinery and appliances, architectural trim, filtration screens, and fasteners in corrosive marine environments. Due its ability to withstand the corrosive action of various acids found in fruits, meats, milk, and vegetables, Type 304 Stainless Steel is used for sinks, tabletops, coffee urns, stoves, refrigerators, milk and cream dispensers, and steam tables.


-A36 steel flat bar

A36 steel flat bar is manufactured with hot rolled techniques and in accordance with Q195-Q235 steel grades. This has a 3-35mm thickness, 20-200mm a width and 6m length. The general yield strength is about 195-235Mpa. The surface of the A36 steel flat bar is finished with galvanized and painted.


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