The latest statistics show the trend of the domestic insulation steel pipe market, the first quarter GDP growth rate of 11.9%, showing the optimism of the national economy stabilization, and even can be interpreted as the current economic operation is quite optimistic, need to know if it is in previous years, this data will even cause economic overheating worries, in the long run, this will help to improve the industry, increase the added value of products, etc.. However, it can be expected that this will bring a huge short-term shock to the steel industry.

However, previously there were analysts believe that steel products export tax rebates down simply can not be relied on. The reduction of export tax rebates for two high and one capital products and the multilateral trading system commitments and foreign trade law are contrary to. Export-oriented industries should be treated equally. From the point of view of the spot market, the latest round of steel price increases run but 2-3 days, the national steel market offers to maintain a high level of stability. Following the early market prices were significantly higher, out of concern for market demand, the recent increase in construction steel has slowed down, traders offer more moderate, but behind the cost is still supporting steel prices.

This kind of offer change should be normal, and should not be understood as the spot market will weaken, traders in the early follow the steel mills on the basis of price increases, found that the terminal start is not strong, making this flexible price adjustment strategy is also reasonable. From the current supply and demand situation, the domestic insulation steel pipe market prices in the short term are difficult to pick up, the current steel enterprises still maintain full production status, domestic social inventory continues to increase significantly, including construction steel social inventory climbed slightly, but plate social inventory still continues to increase, the hot volume of social inventory since mid-August, has continued to grow for 9 weeks, and there is a trend to continue to increase. October 15 The social inventory of steel in 29 major cities in China was 130.847 million tons, up 5.8% from the previous week; among them, the social inventory of construction steel was 5.3709 million tons, up 4%; the social inventory of hot-rolled coil was 4.7963 million tons, up 9%. The social inventory of cold-rolled coil was 1,285,500 tons, an increase of 5%. Post-market prices will slowly pick up in the high production, high inventory and downstream demand continue to improve the contradiction between supply and demand.