galvanized steel roofing sheets

Roofing sheet commonly referred to as iron roof, a roof covered with galvanized sheet steel. The thickness of the steel plate is 0.45 to 0.75 mm. It can be fixed on the roof slab or directly on the roof support structure, and the board and the board are connected by a bite.

Corrugated roofing sheet:

galvanized steel roofing sheets

When laying a corrugated roofing sheet, the adjacent sheet steel should overlap in the prevailing wind direction, and the overlap width should not be less than one wave. The length of the upper corrugated roofing sheet covering the lower corrugated roofing sheet should be determined according to the slope of the roof, but should not be less than 80 mm. The upper and lower corrugated roofing sheet must be overlapped on the purlins, and the metal purlins and reinforced concrete purlins. The corrugated roofing sheet should be fixed with galvanized hook bolts with waterproof washers. On wooden purlins, the corrugated roofing sheet should be fixed with galvanized screws with waterproof washers. The fixed thin steel plate bolts (screws) should be set on the crest, and the bolts ( The effective amount of screws should not be less than three on each overlapping edge around the corrugated roofing sheet. If necessary, an appropriate number of screw inspections (screws) should be added in the center of the corrugated roofing sheet. When the gable is not higher than the roof, the corrugated roofing sheet should be aligned with the gable eaves. The ridges, ridges, gutters, and flooding at the joints between the roof and the protruding roof structure are all made of steel plates. The overlap width with the corrugated sheet steel should not be less than 150 mm. The parts should be sealed with lead linseed or putty.

Design requirements for galvanized steel roofing sheets:

(1) The material and thickness of the steel sheet and corrugated roofing sheet must meet the design requirements and the following requirements:

① Galvanized sheet steel or sheet steel with a thickness of 0.45 to 0.75 mm should be applied to the roof.

② Galvanized sheet steel should be painted with a special primer before applying the topcoat twice.

③ After the thin steel plate is formed, it should be painted twice with antirust primer (red tan oil, iron tan oil, etc.) on both sides, and then painted with the top coat twice.

Inspection method: observation and ruler inspection.

(2) The corrugated sheet steel must be fixed with galvanized bolts (screws) with waterproof washers, and the fixing point is set on the wave peak.
Inspection method: observation inspection.