The Steel square bar normally are used to manufacture and produce other items in different industries because of its shape. Therefore square bar steel has many applications and uses as well. These are used in various industries such as furniture industry for making metal furniture, construction industry and also used in rails and railways. Fasteners manufacturers use steel square bar to produce nuts, bolts, screws etc. Several industries use square steel bars due to superior strength and cold resistance, excellent formability and proper machinable properties.

All hot rolled steel square bars with ASTM A36 standard which proves the quality of the steel. For cold rolled square bar steel, its advantages is obviously on stiffness and excellent performance with classic 1018 steel square bar. tight process controls result in a defect-free product with superior machinability, wear resistance, and other properties.  Square bars are usually purchased as a cold finished bar that is further annealed to control hardness and reduce chipping while machining. Stainless steel square bars are also a critical component to the manufacturing and engineering industries, due to their flexible application and durability.  These are commonly used in Marine and Food industries, as well as in the fabrication of frame work, support, axels, and braces.