Increased Pressure Ratings: The greatest advantage of seamless steel pipes is their increased ability to withstand pressure.

    • Uniformity of Shape: Seamless steel pipe is a continuous extrusion of the alloy, meaning that it will have a round cross section that you can count on, which is helpful when you’re installing pipes or adding fittings.
    • Strength under loads: Seamless steel pipe can sometimes be more expensive than other forms of steel pipe, but it’s also more reliable. This is because it has greater strength under loading. Empty pipe must always support its own weight, but when a pipe is filled with material–or under load–it must also support that weight as well.
  • Cold drawn tube jis stpg 38 carbon steel seamless pipes-process methods are Cold Drawn,cold rolled,Hot rolled,ERW,ERW,EFW. The face of the pipe is galvanized, manual polished, mechanical polished and painted black on the face. These pipes are mainly used as structural pipe,oil or gas transportation and line pipes.


  • astm a312 stainless seamless steel pipe– used as hydraulic pipes.
  • Oil and gas steel tube for pipeline/A106B Seamless steel pipe- used as hydraulic pipes.
  • Schedule 80 seamless steel pipe- mainly used as hydraulic pipes in the industry.
  • Seamless steel line pipe A106GR.B for agriculture irrigation- these pipes are used as structural pipe, to transport oil or gas and as line pipes. The process methods are cold drawn,cold rolled,Hot rolled,ERW,ERW and EFW.
  • STBA20-STBA26 Grade Seamless Stainless Steel Pipes- used as hydraulic pipes
  • Stpg 370 Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe- mainly used as Hydraulic pipes in the industry.
  • A 106 Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe- process methods used for production are Cold Drawn,cold rolled,Hot rolled,ERW,ERW and EFW. The face of the pipe is finished with galvanized, manual polished, mechanical polished and painted black on the face. These are used as structural pipe,oil or gas transportation,oil or gas transportation and as line pipes.

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